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Sam Ibrahim
Hello, We extend warm greetings to your esteemed company and formally invite you to register as a vendor for potential partnerships in upcoming projects with SAUDI ARAMCO/UAE in 2024/2025. These projects offer a global opportunity, welcoming participation from companies worldwide. Should your company express interest in this endeavor, we kindly request confirmation by contacting ibrahim@aramcointernational.net of intent by requesting the necessary documents. Your interest is highly valued, and we eagerly await your prompt response. Best Regards, Mr. Sam Ibrahim ibrahim@aramcointernational.net http://www.aramcointernational.net/ Contract & Supplier Services Management
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Chong Gilbreath
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James Walter
I hope this mail finds you well. May I use this opportunity to present my proposal for a mutual private business of USD 147 Million. I am James Walter the Funds Manager. I hold a mandate from a Russian Client who wants his funds reinvested using 3rd party due to the current sanctions, which means all aspect of the transaction will remain confidential, you will be paid 25% or you can buy shares into the new investment, we can also invest in your company if it’s for expansion only, we believe you are trusted and capable that’s why we have contacted you. Please note that there is no risk involved as funds are legal and currently in an European Bank, all details will be available as soon as you indicate interest by contacting me via the email or phone number bellow to discuss this opportunity in more detail. Sincerely, Mr. James Walter Email:jameswalterxyz1@gmail.com TEL: +44 7706 280570
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Kelvin Hannon
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Mike WifKinson
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Mike Williams
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Lela Premo
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Bruce Castro
James Broyles
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Stefanie Frankfurter
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Mike Taft
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Roland Rees
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