The Anya Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in India that is dedicated to helping the underprivileged and providing them with access to basic facilities. We are committed to creating a more equitable and sustainable world by actively engaging in activities that promote social justice, economic development, health, education and environmental conservation. Our vision is to build inclusive, vibrant communities that foster equitable access to resources and opportunities. We strive to empower marginalized communities through healthcare, education, employment, and skill development to ensure their sustainable growth and resilience. Our healthcare initiatives focus on providing affordable access to quality primary and specialist healthcare services. We also provide assistance to people affected by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Our education initiatives aim to improve the quality of education in underprivileged communities and create equal educational opportunities for all, regardless of socio-economic or gender backgrounds. We also provide extra-curricular activities, such as sports clubs, to promote holistic development. We are actively engaged in a number of other projects, such as providing green energy solutions and promoting the use of renewable energy sources, organizing skill-development training programs, providing livelihood opportunities, and advocating community-driven conservation, among others.

Our Mission

The Anya Foundation is committed to helping empower and uplift underprivileged communities around the world. We strive to create sustainable, meaningful change in the lives of disadvantaged individuals by providing access to education, health resources, and economic opportunities. Through our partnerships with local organizations and grassroots initiatives, we seek to foster an inclusive society and promote equity and justice for all.

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